An alternative to walk-in clinics?

Have you gotten sick with a cold, flu, sinus or bladder infection and faced a two to three hour wait at the local walk-in clinic? Why not consider a brief visit to your local ND instead?

With reasonable prices for a 15 minute consult, (I charge $40, for example), prescription rights, and four years of training in diagnosis and treatment of acute problems, BC NDs make a great alternative to the walk-in.

Many people do not know that as primary care physicians, naturopathic doctors spend a lot of time in school learning about acute illnesses as well as chronic ones. What’s more, we have a wide range of natural treatments that don’t just mask the symptoms, to help our patients feel better quickly and prevent complications. We can also teach you what “red flags” to look for which may indicate the need for more intensive treatments like antibiotics or a visit to the hospital emergency room. Our training in appropriate prescribing means that we can prescribe those antibiotics etc, while looking for allergies, drug-drug or drug-herb interactions.

Finally, we teach our patients self-care and prevention to reduce recurrence of illness and keep you healthy for years to come. All while reducing the cost of unnecessary ER visits to our overwhelmed health care system! Sounds like everyone wins.

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