What to Expect

Like all Naturopathic Doctors, I believe that poor health can only be effectively treated by understanding the “whole picture”, including personal, family and medical history, current physical exam and lab findings, and a person’s lifestyle and attitudes.

Treatment Overview

After filling in our comprehensive health questionnaire, the initial visit takes about an hour, in which I will ask detailed questions about current and past health issues. If necessary, a follow-up visit will be scheduled to perform a focused physical exam and any lab tests needed. In consultation with you, I will provide an initial treatment plan which addresses both your current health issues and any potential issues found upon review of your medical history and exam results. As I get to know you more as an individual, we will revise and improve the treatment plan to fit your goals and your life.

Please feel free to bring in any labs or other information, including your current prescription medicines and supplements, to your first visit. The more info you give me, the quicker we can get you better!

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