Psychological side-effects of medications are often overlooked or dismissed

January 2020

Disturbing information about psycho-emotional effects of commonly prescribed medications, including statins, acetaminophen, asthma medications, and anti-depressants. Also included are more amazing stats on how many pills we are taking every day: $1200 worth a year in America for every man, woman and child.
Pharmaceuticals have their place, but in practice, I see that medical professionals have become numb and disbelieving as to their risks. Recently, a medical professional I work with refused to consider magnesium for pain relief, because they wanted to use oxycodone first, and use magnesium if that failed. We need to review our beliefs about what makes a medicine safe to use, and listen to patients that inform us about their new symptoms that arise after starting a medication. This holds true for supplements and nutraceuticals as well. Here is a link to the article

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